My practice focuses on current global issues, specifically on sustainability and growing urban populations. I use re-cycled and biodegradable materials to shed a light on ideas surrounding over consumption and waste. I often produce large-scale conceptual sculptures, which can lead to design outcomes. This allows me to develop interior design pieces that are concept lead. I construct my sculptures out of units, building up to create something complex out of something simple. Through this way of working I am able to use unlikely, materials to create innovative, beautiful pieces that are unrecognisable as waste.


Embroidery BA Hons- 2.1

Manchester School of Art 

During my time at University I was commissioned to produce two large-scale installations for the 175th anniversary of the School of Art.

Raising Stars 

March-July 2014 

As part of this touring exhibition I was also commissioned to provide a site specific installation as well as provide an artist's talk. 

Makers Dozen

July-September 2014 

An experimental collaboration with The Salford Biospheric into innovative eco design. 

White Cottage

March 2014

A private commission for a large conversion home in rural Northumberland.